Thought for the Month – December

Thought for the Month December 2022

Well here we are again, Advent. Now let’s get a little moan out of the way first. It’s probably an age thing with me, but time really does seem to be going faster and faster. Not only that, so many things seem to be changing and not always for the better, yes good progress has been made in many areas of life, but why for example, in too many circumstances, can’t we speak to a real person anymore, at least not without filling out an on line form that very often asks unnecessary or irrelevant questions? Alternatively, we have to go through an automated telephone system where one question is totally inaudible (especially if you have a hearing problem) requiring you to start all over again from the beginning. Yes, I know, that’s probably an age thing too, but not entirely. Then there are the really big things. The world still faces wars, financial crisis, hunger, homelessness, abuse… the list goes on, and so it could be said that somethings never change.

Thankfully there are good things that never change, ‘God’ – Father, Son and holy spirit – and the teachings and message the Son, Jesus, brought into the world. It was and is a message of love, peace, forgiveness and reconciliation with God and with each other – and you don’t have to fill in an on-line form to speak with him! Each year, in this season of Advent, for a brief moment in time, countless people will feel and receive that message, some will respond. The poor, the lonely, the disadvantaged will be seen, comforted, fed and their existence acknowledged, we become generous to charities. Then sadly we get to January, and after a few days many of those people will be forgotten and ignored, sent back into obscurity erased from the mind – thankfully not by everyone – many organisations and people work 24 hours a day seven days a week 52 weeks of the years to help others

Over the last two nights – at the time of writing this thought – our choir ‘People of the Green’ have been performing their ‘Christmas Concert’. In it they sang the wonderful song ‘Living Hope’, it’s not particularly a Christmas song, but it reminds us of what Jesus, the baby whose birth we celebrate, did in adulthood. It reminds us that ultimately He will make things right.

In the meantime, Jesus has given us many teachings and parables to show how we can bring a little bit of heaven to earth. Paul in his letter to the Corinthians reminds of the faith hope and love which marks out true message of Christianity. Wars, famine, poverty and all the other ills of the world will continue, but the more we can all trust in Jesus and his teachings, the more we live and share His message of love, peace, forgiveness and reconciliation, the more hope we will bring to the world and less people will be forgotten and ignored, and more justice will be achieved, even in this fragile world. We may only be able to do small things, but every little helps, and let’s not make it a seasonal event

As I mentioned above, there are people and organisations who do work tirelessly and continuously throughout the year to help others, and one thing we can do is support them in their work. Two particular charities we are supporting at Cooksmill Green this year are ‘Sanctus’ (for the homeless in Chelmsford) and ‘Families in Focus (Essex)’ If you’d like to find out more about what they do, and help spread a little hope, please visit our web site

Thank you. Steve

A Prayer

Heavenly Father,

As we prepare in this season of Advent 

To celebrate the birth of your precious Son Jesus,

We thank you for all that His birth means to us.

For His life, teachings,

Death and resurrection.

Help us now live the lives you would have us lead;

To show Your love and compassion, manifest in Jesus,

In all we do, not just this Christmas, but for all time.

We ask it in His precious name. Amen.