Cooksmill Choir – ‘The People of the Green’

The roots of the Cooksmill choir go back to the early 1970s. Young church members formed a gospel band called the ‘People of the Green’ and performed regularly around Essex for more than 10 years. Throughout that time members and friends of the church had been carol singing in the villages around Cooksmill Green.

In 1983 the church singers and the young people’s Gospel group got together for a series of charity concerts in the Cramphorn Theatre in Chelmsford, this was the birth of the ‘People of the Green’ choir.

The present day choir is made up of approximately 40 singers and rehearses every Tuesday at the church, the choir’s musical repetoire is varied ranging from secular to sacred. The ‘People of the Green’ perform all over Essex and reguarly stage concerts to entertain and raise money for charitable causes.

For more information on the choir please contact:

  • Glen Meyer –
  • Steve Randell – 01245 268778
  • or enquire at any service or choir event