Thought for the Month March 2023 Those of you who have got to know me will also know by now that, whilst I see benefits in the lectionary, our Christian festivals and seasonal periods, such as Advent and Lent (I adore Christmas and Easter), I also have concerns that we’re sometimes in danger of puttingRead more

Thought for The Month February 2023 Her indoors Do you have a soul? If so, what’s it like? What do you do about it? I imagine a number of you will simply answer “yes” to the first question and send this “thought” to the recycling bin. Some of you may feel angry that I amRead more

Thought for the Month January 2023 The beginning of a New Year has dawned and I pray it will be happy one for each and every one of you. I think it’s true to say that each year brings mixed blessing for many people. We all have our highs and our lows, our triumphs andRead more

Thought for the Month December 2022 Well here we are again, Advent. Now let’s get a little moan out of the way first. It’s probably an age thing with me, but time really does seem to be going faster and faster. Not only that, so many things seem to be changing and not always forRead more

Thought of the Month November 2022 Cast your mind back to early August. The Queen was still alive and Boris was still Prime Minister. So recent, but it seems an age ago, doesn’t it?  Newspaper headlines then were dominated by the Archie Battersbee case. It was also the time of the Lambeth Conference, with JustinRead more

Thought for the Month October 2022 God, where are you in all this? There seems to be nothing good going on in the world anymore don’t you think? When you watch the news, read the newspaper or overhear a polite conversation, the status quo is one of doom and gloom. We have the war inRead more