Thought for the Month June 2022

Today’s thought is not the one I originally prepared (that will now be for another month). When I woke up this morning (Sunday) about to send the original to Gail for circulation, I felt moved to say something else. And so, a brief few thoughts for today.

Back in July 2020 (in the early part of the Pandemic) I wrote a thought for the week entitled ‘Time to Reflect.’ In it I talked about God’s gift of time. ‘…Time is precious, some of us waste it, others try to fill it so much they fail to stop, to savour and enjoy the moment.’ I have also been thinking just how much life and time are so inextricably linked – obvious you might say, but honestly, how many of us truly equate the two in such a way that it affects the way we live our lives, or fill our time?

During this Jubilee weekend we’ve been celebrating the life of Queen Elizabeth II, someone who has made exemplary use of both life and time in a lifetime of service. Her Platinum Jubilee has captured the imagination of people all over the world. The scenes around Buckingham Palace last night, the events that have taken place throughout the commonwealth and beyond, show the affection and esteem in which Her Majesty is held. It would be impossible, here, to do justice to all she has been through, done and achieved through her life, especially since the death of her father King George V1. And besides there is plenty of material and media coverage elsewhere.

There are, of course, those who will point to the Queen’s ‘privileged’ life, but privilege does not shield you from personal difficulties and tragedy. She did not ask to be born Royal, nor did she ask to become Queen at such a young age through the tragic death of her beloved father. Privilege, fame and position were thrust upon her, but she has never failed to recognise that with privilege and position comes responsibility. She has borne the responsibility of Monarch, wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother with dignity and dedication. Has she got everything right? Have any of us? Perhaps not, but there can be no doubting the Queen’s integrity and willingness to serve in the best way she can.

One of the things I love the most is how Her Majesty has never made a secret of how her faith has sustained her, right the way through her life, in times of tragedy and celebration, sadness and joy it seems she has put her trust in God. And judging by the events of this weekend He has blessed her even in difficult times, and I think it’s true to say that through her He has blessed others.


Gracious God, we give you thanks
for the reign of your servant Elizabeth our Queen,
and for the example of loving and faithful service
which she has shown among us.
Help us to follow her example of dedication
and to commit our lives to you and to one another,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.