What Do We Want?

A THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK – What do we want? 29th March 2020

When we ask someone ‘what do you want?’ sometimes it might be more appropriate to ask ‘What do you need?’

One of the set readings for today is Matthew 20: 29-34. Jesus is on His way to Jerusalem for what would be His last journey into that great city. He and a great crowd of followers pass two blind men sitting by the road. We don’t know what led them to do it, but they called out to Him. Had they heard about this enigmatic man Jesus and that He would be passing by on His was to Jerusalem? As they heard the crowd, what was it that made them call out to Him in such specific terms ‘Lord’, ‘Son of David’? Words which suggest they recognised some kind of Royalty.

All this happened just before what is called, ‘Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem’. Yet, knowing in His heart how that was going to end, He makes time to stop and asks them ‘What do you want me to do for you?’ (Vs. 32) not ‘what do you want?’ or even ‘what do you need?’ but what could he do. This must have stumped them for a moment, they might well have assumed Jesus was in a position to give them money, clothing, shelter. After all, if he was to be a King he could afford to give them any of these things, things they couldn’t have as blind men fending for themselves on the streets. Instead they asked ‘Lord, let our eyes be opened.’ (Vs. 33). In spite of what he was about to face in Jerusalem, Jesus is moved with compassion, and does just that. And in response, perhaps because their minds as well as their eyes had been opened, they follow Him.

If someone says ‘I want enough money to buy a house’ I wonder, if they thought about it long enough whether they’d put it differently, ‘I want to be able to provide the security of a roof over my family’s head’. What do we really want?

God has given us everything we need, food, water, light, heat, life itself….. As the world goes through a period like never before, now might be a good time for all of us, individuals, societies, nations, the World, to consider what we have, and what it is we really want.


Heavenly Father Thank you for all
You have given to the world we live in,
That, between us, we have all we need.
Thank you for all the people who
In recent days have volunteered to help
Those who are, not just isolated,
But vulnerable and needing extra help.
We thank you again for all our front line services
Who are battling to keep us safe and well,
Be with them in a special way.
Comfort those infected with Coronavirus themselves,
their families and friends,
Especially those who have lost loved ones.
We pray for those suffering with other illnesses
who may be feeling neglected at the moment.
Give wisdom and strength to those making decisions
About people’s health and lives
So that all may receive the help and care they need.
And now, as we consider what we might want,
Give to all of us, everywhere,
Hearts not to want in such a way that others go without,
So that the bounty of your creation can be shared by all.
Help us all to have the strength and hearts to join in the
Generosity and love poured out by so many.
Be with our world we pray
In Jesus name. Amen.

The picture above shows Nature and tranquility near the Basilica of the Transfiguration on Mount Tabor Israel 2012