Thought For the Week 28th February 2021 – Persistence.

Reading Luke 18: 1-14

This is a parable told by Jesus to show his followers how they should pray and what they should expect. It is about a judge who did not fear God or care about men and a widow who was persistent in her prayer. She was asking for justice against her adversary, the judge refused constantly to help but the widow did not give up, it mattered so much to her. She was so persistent that the judge finally gave her the justice she deserved, because she was wearing him out. The judge did not fear God or care about men but because her persistence was wearing him out he gave her her wish.

Are we so persistent in our prayers or do we give up too quickly? Do we need to be persistent? God is our judge, he wishes to give us justice. If we cry out to God day and night He will see we get justice, God wishes to give us justice. The prayer ‘Lord have mercy’ if constantly repeated may seem to be a cry from the heart of a man who knows how sinful and needy he is and not just vain repetition. Or it may come from someone who is desperate, despondent, physically frail or pressed by repeated demands.

Sometimes I lack energy to form my own prayer, I lack the purity to be sure my prayers are not ego demands and I lack the wisdom to know how to sort out the competing demands. Then I give up trying to be in charge and I carry on doing whatever I have to do while praying the Jesus prayer in my weakness. Isn’t that all that God requires of any of us ‘Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me a sinner’.


Teach us good Lord

To serve you as you deserve

To give and not to count the cost

To fight and not to heed the wounds

To labour and not to ask for any reward

Except that of knowing that we do your will


   Ignatius Loyola