Good Morning Everyone,

Well, as you’ll no doubt be aware by now, our open air Harvest Celebration Service planned for today has been postponed until next week. A video had been prepared to go out on the same day for those unable to attend, in place of our normal thought for the week, this will also go out next week.


At this short notice, it hasn’t been possible to prepare our normal ‘Thought for the Week’ this week. However…..

A few weeks ago, when Julie contributed our thought for the week, she reminded us about the need for patience and trust in God – at one point quoting words from a song, ‘In His Time’ which is sung by our choir ‘People of the Green.’  The piece was recorded by the choir back in 2006 and I’ve put together a rather hasty video to go with it (see the link below) It’s a beautiful song and I hope it, and the video, will help remind you of all the beauty and majesty of God’s creation and that, ultimately, He has things under control, we just need to trust in Him.


I wish you all every blessing for the coming week and leave you with this prayer.



Creator God,

Help us to see the

Beauty of Your creation

Made in Your time;

And to know that

You, alone, are Our Creator God.


Heavenly Father,

Help us in our daily lives

To place our trust in you;

Help us to hear your word

In the quietness of our hearts.

Help us to respond to Your love

And to live our lives in harmony with you.


In the precious name of Jesus we ask it. Amen