Thought for the Week Harvest Service 11th October. Below is the link to our ‘Thought for the Week’ Harvest Service video which I hope you’ll enjoy. The Harvest Video runs for approximately 20 minutes. Wishing you all every blessing for the coming week and beyond, Steve.   2020 Full Harvest Video including: Introduction ‘Scarecrows of the Green’Read more

Thought for the week – A September Thought – 27th September A few weeks ago, Tony Cant, the new vicar at Roxwell, asked people to read Matthew 7 and, in particular, to read it in the version of the Bible published as “The Message”. I did, and it has been preying (praying?) on my mind everRead more

Thought for the week – Where is God in all this? 20th September   This week I’d hoped not to refer, yet again, to the times we are in. But sadly it’s hard to ignore, things are getting tough again, and as they always do in difficult times, people are understandably asking difficult questions, whetherRead more

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK – Leadership 30th August   This week sadly I feel I need to revisit a subject we covered not that long ago. I also think that maybe it’s time, not just for a message of hope, but a call to arms as well – more on that later. Once again, as weRead more

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK – Be prepared 23rd August   When our futures are uncertain (not something exclusive to the current situation) it can be difficult to know how and what to plan for. My Brother once quoted to me the saying ‘If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans!’ Yet herein liesRead more

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK – What is so unique about Jesus? 16th August   I’m going to start this week’s thought on a very personal note – I should perhaps apologies, but I’d rather not as I know I’m not alone in some of what I’m going to say and I hope also to bring aRead more