All our Advent thoughts for the week and Sunday’s Cool activities are to be found on our Christmas pages There are Advent services, musical interludes for the season and a contribution from our Scarecrow friends who have assisted our Sunday’s Cool in decorating the chapel for the festive season. Not to forget – Carol SingingRead more

Sunday’s Cool -Harvest Festival at Cooksmill Green 11th Oct. 2020 We enjoyed making this special harvest video, do please take a look at our scarecrows and what they are up to at harvest festival These are our friends ‘Scarecrows of the Green’ and they have collected all God’s Gifts and then decorated our church. See the videoRead more

In another post from the Sunday’s Cool, we see how they tell the stories of  Daniel in the Lion’s Den and Jonah & the Whale.  They have all been working very hard over the months since we began lock down, making things and drawing things. We hope you enjoy the video and if you wouldView the Presentation

A presentation from Sunday’s Cool. The Cooksmill Sunday’s Cool kids have created their own ‘lockdown’ presentation, please take a look. Sunday’s Cool is suspended at the moment, we will let you know when it restarts. Click any image to enlarge. Hope you enjoy our Sunday’s Cool Presentation, we look forward to seeing you all when the Church re-opens at CooksmillView the presentation